ENJO Quality

I like to think of myself as a very conscious consumer, and while I can't make environmentally and socially conscious decisions for EVERY item that is in my home, I do really try to consider the manufacturing process and safety/quality of the items I use every single day.

Since I clean everyday (like it or not), finding a brand of cleaning products that was safe for me and my family, safe for the workers who produce it, and safe for the environment was really important. And, luckily for all of us, the quality and safety of ENJO is unparalleled!

Watch this short to see how ENJO fibers are made under the strictest environmental and safety standards!

- Sewn by hand in Voralberg, Austria
- Carbon-neutral factory is powered by renewable energy
- No child labor
- No animal testing
- No toxic chemicals
- Minimal waste
- 100% eco-friendly and recyclable
- Customers can exchange fibers at the end of their life-cycle and receive a 10% discount on new fibers
- Fibers are reformed and up-cycled into new products!

With all of this great info about ENJO, you might be asking yourself how do I get my hands on these products.  I'm glad you asked!  Contact me for additional information or to find out where you can purchase these great cleaning products!


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