Faster, Safer, Cleaner - ENJO

The ENJO products came into my life very recently when I was trying to find some relief for my little boy who was just diagnosed with severe dust mite allergies which we learned is the trigger for his eczema and asthma.  We wanted to do everything we could to minimize his exposure to the dust mites and spare the large expense of ripping up carpeting in his room to put down wood floors. Nothing was working until I found ENJO!

ENJO is a truly revolutionary way of cleaning using only fibers and water that makes cleaning our home faster, safer and cleaner than anything else I've tried!  I know, I know....ONLY water??  Trust me, there is no bigger germophobe than me.  I couldn't believe it either...until I actually tried it.  I was also shocked at how much I was saving on cleaning supplies (especially paper towels).

To learn a little more about ENJO watch this great video and then I can tell you more about how ENJO works!


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