How does ENJO compare to other brands?

I'm sure some of you have either tried cleaning with fibers and water or heard about others who have. That makes me so excited, because it means things are shifting here in the US! People are beginning to consider alternate (and superior) cleaning methods to what we've all grown up with!

However, as with most products, when it comes to safe cleaning methods, there is definitely junk, good, better, and best.  And after a lot of research, I feel strongly that ENJO is the BEST!

In the United States, we are decades behind the times compared to Europe, Australia and 26 other countries who have been using ENJO for over 25+ years. It is time to bring the best to the USA! Wouldn't you agree?

So if you're wondering, how does ENJO compare to "X"? My answer is the following....

With all of this new found information floating around in my head, my very next question was all about the quality of these products.  I was happy to learn that they are the BEST quality fibers around.


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