My Journey to Clean Living & Beauty

My journey to get to where I am today has been more of a long, windy road and NOT so much a straight, narrow path.

Despite living a very active and healthy lifestyle, I’ve dealt with several issues in my life that I have come to learn could absolutely be the result of exposure to different toxins just in the course of normal living.

As a teenager, I had acne-prone skin and when the prescribed topical creams stopped working for me, I moved on to taking antibiotics every day to maintain clear skin.  After becoming immune to those drugs, I was put on Accutane and experienced one of the worst side effects possible – fluid on my brain, which could have easily resulted in vision loss.

Fast forward to my adult life, my husband and I faced a three year fertility battle to start a family.  There were countless times I thought that I’d never be able to have children.  I also learned that I had an autoimmune thyroid condition.  It was at this point in my life, I started learning more about alternative medicine having consulted with an acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine doctor.  I began incorporating Eastern medicine practices with conventional Western medicine to find a balance that worked for me personally.  I started to pay more attention to the ingredients to avoid in personal care products.  And I learned the dirty facts about the personal care and beauty industry which led me to find what I now use for me and my family - my safer, cleaner favorites.

Most recently, my oldest son was diagnosed with severe indoor allergies which have triggered asthma and eczema and we’ve been doing everything we can to minimize allergens to get him relief without having to put him on daily steroids or regular allergy shots.  I came into “my awareness” (as I like to call it) of the effects of exposure to environmental toxins after studying health & safety facts of household cleaning products.  I found a way to rid our home of the harmful chemicals in these products making cleaning faster, safer, and cleaner.  As a result, I’m happy to say my son’s allergies have improved ten-fold!

We live in a time when we are bombarded by so much conflicting information.  How do we know what is really true?  There are marketing and advertising messages promoting products that are supposedly safe when in reality they are harmful to our health.  Having graduated with a BS in Marketing and working for many years in the consumer products industry, I know how it all works because I’ve seen it first-hand – often we are led to believe things for the greater good of big business but that comes at the greatest cost to us – our own health and safety.  I’ve made it my personal mission to remove chemicals and reduce exposure to as many toxins as possible in our lives.  And in doing so, I want to share my knowledge & experience with as many people as I can to help them and their loved ones maintain their health.

Nothing makes me happier than to be able to offer access to information & products that I’ve tried personally and done the research on to make sure they are safe yet also effective.  We want safe but we also want it to work!  I know there is still so much to learn.  We don’t know what we don’t know.  And when we KNOW better, we can DO better!  Knowledge is power!


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